Kristie Maldonado Cosplay

Screenshot_2017-06-20-10-25-04One of the most talented and original singing groups out there is Pentatonix-and their one and only female singer is Kristie. The first song I listened to by them I was in awe by their talent and originality. I was also taken back by Kristie’s cute beauty. She usually sports very chic looks and loads of dramatic eye makeup. So on top of admiring her singing and looks, following her on Instagram and listening to her various new songs I decided to do her Cosplay. I knew it would be fun since I enjoy doing intense, bold makeup.

I studied lots of her looks and it’s seems as she first applies dark eyeshadow all around the eye. Then use eyeliner all around the eye, ending in a cat eyeliner ending. She also uses eye glitter or shiny eyeshadow around it too.


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