Cher Cosplay!!

Once when I was in the check out at Walmart I glanced at one of the magazines. Who was on the cover but an exotic looking woman who looked not much past 50! I asked my mother who she was and of course being born in the 60’s she knew instantly. I couldn’t believe how well Cher has aged and also was quite taken back by her stunning looks. Ever since then j have curiously researched on the internet, gathered her photos and generally becoming a huge fan considering I am about 20 years late for her fandom. I am always interested in celebrities who have long straight dark hair because long hair is quite unusual and I admire women who keep their long locks like me. She has the dark features like me which of course I like. Her eyes are piercing and her smile glows. Besides that, instead of having a snobbish attitude she has always had a rather down to earth and relaxed ora and attitude twords people while as the while holding herself with a dignified stance. She almost reminds me of how a queen might hold herself, straight and tall yet relaxed with an air of confidence.

To create a Cher look as close as possible to the real person, I dyed my hair black and or edited the photo to look as the hair was black. I used my brush and brown eyeshadow to create a completely dark eyelid and then lined the upper lid with dark eyeliner as well as by the eyelash. I then used the eyeliner on the bottom of the eye as well. For the second Cher Cosplay, I created her most iconic look. The one that she wore after becoming a big star in Hollywood. They desired to give her an individual look. So, in her fashion, I researched how to create the eye makeup. Using a brush I spread brown eyeshadow all over the top of the eyelid. Then I used the same brush to do the under eye as well. I then added white eyeshadow to the middle of  the eyelid. Lipgloss can be used but she didn’t usually wear lipstick.

If you would like to watch me do than Cosplay, you can also watch it on my youtube channel entitled “Cosplays Olivia”. I’ll also add a link to it. If you’re anything like me, you learn best by watching a demonstration rather than read about it. Im a totally visual person who enjoys seeing and absorbing facts. Screenshot_2017-06-18-17-25-29Screenshot_2017-07-06-21-35-02


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