Ancient Roman Cosplay!

IMG_20170521_134008.jpgHail! And welcome to my blog about my most favorite time period, culture and language ever!!
They wore flowing, elegant yet simple looking clothes of pure white to every color. They wore golden sandals and jewelry. They adorned their hair with leaves and ornaments in a elegant yet exotic manner. They lived in homes made with stone and marble and their building were the model for many other cultures who noticed that beauty and grander of it and how durable it was. They roamed through hallways with marble pillars and large open windows. Latin rang through the air as the people’s primary language. Some people look down on this era as one in which a cruel and dominating people walked and sent their daunting army around to conquer all in it’s path. But Rome is also the mother to many of our everyday cultural and language habits. We see Roman architecture everywhere in our country and Latin lives on in our everyday conversations as English is 60 percent of Latin roots.

The women and men wore clothing that were quite similar things each other, although togas were banned to women at some point and they instead called their clothing ‘stoles’.  Women’s togas were called ‘stola’. This was simple at home and could be made more elegant and fancy if they wished and we’re wealthy enough. An unmarried lady however were adorned in Tunics by themselves and then went to wearing togas after marriage and after the 2nd century they wore stoles. To make the toga warmer, women would wear pallas, a garment which acted as a shawl and they would decorate it as well with ornaments.  Women’s tunics were also colorful, unlike the men’s. As you see in the photos of, the women’s tunics-called stoles had clasps at the shoulders which held the dress up and added femininity and beauty to the garment. They were longer in general, reaching the women’s ankles. They loved jewelry and they also taught their slave women to put their hair up and curled and be adorned with ornaments.

The men wore togas that reflected and showed their status in the community. At home the Roman citizens could just wear tunics. This was a loose and usually pure white garment made from linen. If you were rich it could be made of silk which was shipped from the far East and spun into a tunic by your slave. When they were outside the home or had business the men would wear a toga over the tunic. The tunic was a line garment which they wrapped about their bodies, over the shoulder and and tied sometimes with a rope to ensure it stayed.    The men’s togas were normally white, the magistrate and men of higher status had purple borders on their toga. A great and victorious general got to wear purple togas with golden embroidery.
The men and women of Rome also received a charm, a necklace called a bulla which they wore from birth and only took it off when the girl became a married woman and the boy turned sixteen.

It should also be mentioned that in general to wear tunics you had to be a Roman Citizen, which were always growing in number since a Roman Citizen had so many privileges and alot of protection. Their servants wore lion clothes usually and other simple garments.
For shoes they wore leather and for the politicians they were colored red. There were two types of sandals which they wore, titled the Soleae and the Calceus. The Soleae was a full footwear type with an closed toe and the Calceus was a sandal with straps and an open toe.



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