Belly dancer cosplay!

The word for the clothing the belly dancers is bedlah-a word for suit in Arabia which is where the belly dancing started. The bedlah is made complete with the bra, belt, headband, jewelry, pants and veil. Westerners who were always hungry for the rare Eastern sensuality also added to the exoticness and frills of the costume . Women also used pants called harem trousers which were long and baggy. Over these pants are usually worn a pleated skirt which is beautifully decorated.

For the belly dancer cosplay you should probably always wear a hip scarf with beads, gold and ornate all around. They then tied it to the back to keep it from sliding down and off the body. One of the most iconic accessories of the belly dancer costume are the coins attached to all main parts of the dress-skirt, shirt and hip scarf. They glued or tied these. Also, belly dancer women would glue rhinestones to the face to further the beauty. They would also Adorn their arms with armbands, drapes and gaunt lents. The gauntlet usually matched the color of the rest of your costume-and you made it by cutting out the middle mostly and tying the the top and bottom with ropes to the arm. The drapes were a sash which was worn on the arm, attached by ropes on the upper arm and lower arm. They would wear beautiful glue glass coins on their head scarves, amulets, hip scarves and ankle bracelets.

My favorite accessory and one of the most original of the Eastern originating costume is the headpiece. I have purchased a belly dance costume of a royal blue and enjoy wearing it. I am learning the Arabian belly dance by watching videos on YouTube. It’s relaxing and a great way to exercise!


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