Ancient Persia Cosplay!

When a person mentions Persia some may envision a modern day Iran with Muslims and long dark dresses. Others like myself may immediately think of Queen Esther from old downed in beautiful, eccentric jewels and garments belonging to those of royal status. The people who’s culture we are now covering belonged to the era of the People of the 2010 movie “Prince of Persia” which I went to watch as a young teenager. I can tell you that swept me away with imagination like. I even always been one to jump into movies which excite or appeal to me but this one especially drew me in with it’s middle Eastern splendor that the ancient Persians enjoyed and the mystery surrounding Persia’s past and royal people.

The men would wear tight long sleeves covered by a long coat with baggy pants. They would also wear high unique looking caps which reached down below the neck and towered high above the head.
The woman’s clothing and fashion was almost exactly the same type of clothing yet differed. They were longer and fuller in volume and perhaps more colorful. Men in religion wore white robes with a cane and a headdress which was like their king’s.


To begin dressing, the ancient Persian of average status first put on a white cotton robe which stood as their underwear. Than one garment which was connected but split into pleats in the front. It ended at the bottom as a long full skirt. This was for men and women. A belt on the waist held together the Robe and was made of leather. Some of them wore a dress to the knees and underneath had trousers.

The nobleman of Persia wore clothing with the same overall look except with more ornaments and jewels, embroidery and crowns. Woman of nobility and royalty would wear eccentric colors of beautifully colored threads and veils which were long and flowing.

If you were a royal in Person you would wear a lion cloth and a robe covered with golden jewelry. While doing my person cosplay I discovered I loved their style . Baggy colorful clothes with a veil or headdress and golden jewelry and a belt. I also discovered it was very hot so I wonder how this worked with the warm sands of Persia. In the photos it seemed like the royals enjoyed colorful and voluminous layers with a blanket around the shoulders and a high crown. The crown was sometimes covered with a blanket or veil as well and was decorated with ornaments and jewels.

IMG_20170513_190105002.jpgThis is probably what the King of Persia was wearing when the young and beautiful Esther arrived to meet him. It is said by some that while all the other girls in the harem dressed in as much finery and jewelry as possible to attract suitors, Esther wore a white dress. Nothing fancy. This and that Esther had a beautiful spirit caught his eyes and Esther thus became the Queen of the Medes and Persians.


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