Middle Ages Cosplay

 Today I traveled to a land of nobility and cruelty. If you were rich, you’d never be hungry or cold. The rich could ban the poor from hunting in their woods. If you were one of the pheasants, this era was one of the worst to be born in since you were vulnerable to disease, war, taxes, hunger and the king’s crazy wims. This is why Robin Hood and men like him we’re around In this time . To help balance the incredibly unjust ways. And speaking of Robin Hood, here’s what they would have been wearing.

  Maid Marrion was a kind of royalty, been a ward to the king. So her and other like her would have been wearing this. First they would put on a sort of undergarment, which also was sometimes visible. It was called a chimse
. Above this was worn a tunic which dragged across the floor when she walked. They placed a belt as a decoration above this and the chimse had long sleeves and the tunic had sleeves which above this turned I to a trumpet at the wrist. The tunics were beautiful majestic colors. When I was about ten I saw the 1930s. Version of Robin Hood and instantly fell in love with the dresses maid Marrion wore I. Each scene. My favorite is the dress she wears in the archery scene with the blue veil and white dress. If only I had one of those dresses I thought! I still feel that way actually haha).I don’t see how any female could not! Their tunics were close fitting-as they obviously wanted to show the women’s curvy shapes. It was finished with a belt which had tassels and was knotted. Since the Bible taught that women should keep their heads covered, the women in this era in Chrisitan Europe would always wear head coverings, like veils and wimples. The veils could be beautiful and worn over the hair which parted in the middle and also worn in long braids which hung on the chest. If the women didn’t think k their hair was long enough they would buy hair extensions-(perhaps the first ever hair extensions). This hair was often cut of a dead person.(insert creepy historical fact.) The wimple was a linen cloth which wrapped around the head and covered the throat. Often they would wear a Bliaut gironé which was a fine skirt and hung by a decorated waistband which rested on the hips. It also had a girdle which was knotted and also called a cincture.

   Right now I’m watching the new Robin Hood movie with Russel Crowe and watching people wear the clothes which we are now talking about. The noblemen on this era would wear So the men wore tunics, the rich wearing long and the poor wearing short. The men also wore gowns-like but not like the women’s. They would wear long tight fitting inner tunics and leggings which were sometimes striped. On top of that the men wore shorter tunics which were fastened by a belt at the waist. They also wore skirts over third- another time when men wore skirts! And you thought o ly the Egyptian and Israleites wore them! If you’ll remember from the Robin Hood movies you’ve probably seen, the upper class including Royal men did not wear any sort of head gear-except for crowns. The lower classed men like Robin of Locksley and his fellow renegades would wear hood which were attached to their cloaks and were held in place by a fitted coif under their chins. Maybe 200 years after the honor bound king Richard and his weasel like brother, dawned the Rennassiance and while their clothing was similar to middle ages, it had its own flair of uniqueness. The people, wanting to leave their many years of gloom and doom in religion, science and art, brought new light and vibrancy to their clothing.   

T he average woman (who wasn’t poor) would rise and put on the first of their layers-a chemise which went under their kirtle. Then another longer gown with beautiful jeweles on the sleeves. The fashion was a high waisted around the mid area and was under a belt. There was a rather full and lumptutious look unlike the last fashion which was a long an flowing look. Whole the women of the previous style wore a shallow neckline, these women decided to change with the more elaborate look of the V shape. 1200 since I couldn’t find any information about makeup the women wore I’m assummingIMG_20160919_151121589.jpg there was little to no cosmetics. Makes sense since they were strict and still drowning in the fog in the ignorance and self chastisement of the dark ages. 



  1. Great idea to have a blog,my beautiful 🌹. You have done your homework and look lovely. It’s interesting to learn about history, fashion and customs. Keep it going. Mom


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